Sodiba: Luandina by Webb deVlam

Agency: Webb deVlam
Client: Sodiba
Date: Dec 2017
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Angola has launched its first 100% Angolan beer, with a comprehensive brand identity and design by Webb deVlam. Strategic brand design consultancy Webb deVlam was approached to come up with a brand identity for the premium beer that embodies the passion, spirit and optimism of the emerging southern African nation.

A two-year collaboration kicked off with an immersion trip to get a feel for the Angolan way of life. Consumer research showed that beer plays a key role there, as does coming together for celebrations. The ambition was to create a brand that would appeal to the hearts and minds of local people. The pilsner has been named Luandina, a feminisation of the capital city Luanda, which references the nation’s respect for mother nature. It’s produced by master brewers in a factory on the banks for the River Kwanza, a few kilometres outside the capital.

One of the biggest challenges that Webb deVlam faced was from Cuca, the leading brand, which had become a byword for beer itself. Blue was selected to set Luandina apart on shelf from Cuca and the sea of other beers, most with red labels. A yellow star on the label references the national flag, and a crest featuring antlers from the native sable antelope, turrets from a fortress that overlooks Luanda, and ‘established in 2017’, play with premium-style heritage cues without losing sight of Angola’s forward-thinking spirit.


JP Hunter - Creative Director - Webb deVlam