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McDonald's: Sweet n' Spicy Grandmas by We Are Unlimited

Client: McDonald's
Date: Aug 2018
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launched the new advertising campaign featuring ‘Marianne,’ the grandma who is grateful to McDonald’s for not having to cook because their chicken tenders taste som much like her own. Here, she shows a spicier side, with a ‘Sweet n’ Spicy Grandmas’ campaign.

Created by We Are Unlimited as a continuation of last year’s Buttermilk Crispy Tenders ‘Grandma Has a Life’ campaign, the new creative features Grandma Marianne talking about how McDonald’s new Sweet n’ Spicy Honey BBQ Glazed Tenders are the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, just like her. In one 30-second spot, she is seen knitting a sweater. Cut to an outside shot, where she’s joined by her friends, and watching a beefcake gardener, who is wearing the too-tight sweater.

Grandma Marianne will also express her ‘sweet and spicy’ personality in radio and online media, including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat throughout September. She gives ‘Grandma’s Sweet n’ Spicy Advice’ in a series of videos running on Facebook, where she advises people on a variety of topics such as football, tailgating, weekend getaways, and gift ideas for Grandparents Day (September 9).

Glaze Craze was created in partnership with Snapchat. It is a Snappables game where users must glaze and toss as many McDonald’s Sweet n’ Spicy Honey BBQ Glazed Tenders as they can in a certain amount of time. Users can also challenge their friends to get in on the Glaze Craze fun and compete for the high score.


CLIENT: McDonald’s

VP Marketing & Branded Content: Kenny Mitchell

Senior Director of Marketing: Julie Wenger

Director of Marketing: Michael Joiner

Brand Manager: Ivonne Loza

Brand Supervisor: Luci Ramos-martell

Brand Manager Social Content & Engagement: Emily Charron

Brand Supervisor Social Content & Engagement: Faizan Tahir

Marketing Operations: Keishon Williams


Chief Creative Officer, DDB North America: Ari Weiss

Chief Creative Officer, UNLTD: Toygar Bazarkaya

Executive Creative Director, UNLTD: John Hansa

Creative Director, UNLTD: Josh Mizrachi

Creative Director, UNLTD: Jimmy Dietzen

Senior Copywriter, UNLTD: Sarah Uchison

Senior Art Director, UNLTD: Emily Walton

Co-Head Account Management, UNLTD: Melanie Behling

Account Supervisor, UNLTD: Taylor Knowles

Account Executive, UNLTD: Jessa Gianotti

Chief Strategy Officer, UNLTD: James Lou

Senior Narrative Strategist, UNLTD: Kevin Bynoe

Executive Producer, UNLTD: Tom Cronin

Producer, UNLTD: Nikki Calabrese

Integrated Producer, UNLTD: Rivetta Goodrich


Director: Brian Billow

Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella

Executive Producer: Mark Grill

UPM: Grayson Bithell


Editor: Grant Gustafson

Executive Producer: Patrick Casey


Producer: Tim Konn

Audio Engineer: Peter Erasmus


Flame Artist: Brian Higgins

Producer: Bruce Rindler

COLOR HOUSE: Framestore Chicago

Colorist: Maria Carretero

Producer: Meg Miller

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