Client: HSBC
Date: Jul 2017
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HSBC's documentary-style film looks at where Pride came from and what society was like for the LGBT+ community during that time. It examines the progress that has been made, the changes society has gone through and questions what still needs to be done for LGBT+ rights.

The film features two men with very different Pride experiences. Andrew Lumsden, 75, is prominent activist who attended the first Pride march in 1972. 23 year old Jamie Raines is a well-known vlogger who transitioned from female to male aged 17, and attended Pride for the first time last year.


Jag Sharma, Social Media Marketing Manager, HSBC

Rachael Ives, Head of Brand Development, HSBC

Alistair Campbell, Executive Creative Director, We Are Social

Pete Waite, Senior Producer, We Are Social

Pavlos Themistocleous, Creative Director, We Are Social

Cairen Harry, Account Director, We Are Social

Laura Macri, Account Manager, We Are Social

Ruaridh O’Donnell, Writer, We Are Social

Kristina Matovic, Senior Designer, We Are Social

Georgie Yiannoullou, Designer, We Are Social

Claire Finn, Executive Producer, Firecracker

Kate Turner, Producer, Firecracker

Jeanne Scahaise, Production Assistant, Firecracker

Directors: Trunk

Paid media: Mindshare