Date: Sep 2019
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Empowerment and diversity are at the centre of Dr. Marten’s global Autumn/Winter ’19 campaign ‘Tough as You.’

For years, the iconic shoemaker Dr. Marten has been the must-have accessory for edgy individuals, attracted by the brands trendy, punk attitude.

"We know that the only thing tougher than our footwear are the people who choose to wear it," explained Andrea Moore, global marketing director at Dr. Martens on 'Tough as You.'

She said that rather than talking about itself, for its Autumn/Winter '19 campaign, it wanted to tell four incredible stories of resilience for people to relate to.

Created by We Are Social with production from its studio team, the film includes Sarah Lu, a first-generation Vietnamese immigrant who is a sought-after hand poke tattooist; Blaine, a disabled musician who's spent more than 10 years campaigning for greater accessibility in music; South African born Nakhane, a singer who has been a strong voice for the LGBTQ+ community and Sistren - a trio of sister-friends who have spent years fighting for safe spaces for people to explore their identities.

Each share a powerful moment of resilience and how they overcame adversity to become who they are today

After the film launches today, over the next couple of months, the campaign will be supported by social media activity and out-of-home advertising.


We Are Social

Jo Lumb, Executive Producer, We Are Social Studios

Alistair Campbell, Executive Creative Director, We Are Social

Paul Rider, Head of Art, We Are Social

Leah Ogilvie, Account Director, We Are Social

Viki Bell, Account Manager, We Are Social

David Feldman, Associate Creative Director, We Are Social

Beth Kwaterski, Senior Creative

Ellie Lynch, Senior Creative

Zanna Wharfe, Senior Strategist, We Are Social

Sarah Hecks, Associate Editorial Director, We Are Social

Annabel Heath, Production Manager, We Are Social Studios

Dr. Martens

Victoria Barrio, Global Brand Marketing Manager


Alex de Mora, Director and Photographer

Ollie Ford, Director of Photography