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Oct 19 - 23

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Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company: Bajaj Allianz Drive Smart by WATConsult

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Bajaj Allianz has rolled out its latest digital campaign encouraging safe driving by inspiring car owners to communicate efficiently with their cars.

The campaign rolled out three spots which are conceptualised and executed by WATConsult and highlights quintessential things a car owner should know about his car.

It showcases signs and signals cars give before breaking down or losing its value and how car owners should tap that. The spot has leveraged humour to portray that car and the car owner are in a relationship with the car playing different characters like of a wife, son and brother.

In one spot the car owner blames the car for betraying him and seeing someone else as the car covered extra distance without his knowledge. It is shown to the audience that it was actually the driver who took the car for a ride with his girlfriend.


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