The Trade Desk: Trade Desk print ads by VSA Partners

Date: Sep 2018
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A new campaign by the Trade Desk features self-deprecating print ads.

The adtech company worked with creative agency VSA to bring its modern technologies to the oldest form of media to tout new narratives. Rather than the tired ‘this ad here’ concept, the new campaign includes three print ads with large, sarcastic headlines in bold white font: 'Possibly the Worst Ad We Have Ever Run,' 'Buying This Ad Was Excruciating,' and 'This Pretty Much Goes Against Everything We Believe.'

The ads present a set of messages for readers – ads don’t have to be the loudest in the room in order to be the most effective, and that the power of programmatic and data-driven buying allows brands and marketers to work smarter.

Copy below the headers includes, “When it comes to your ad dollars, there’s working harder and there’s working smarter. For a more targeted, data-driven approach, we’re here for you. The next wave of digital advertising is here.

The ads are slated to run in The New York Times, both in the US and internationally, and The Wall Street Journal.


Client: The Trade Desk

CMO: Susan Vobejda

VP of Global Brand Marketing: Jaclyn Ranere

Creative Agency: VSA Partners

Executive Creative Director: Avery Gross

Executive Creative Director: Ben Sherwood

Strategy & Analytics Director: Kyle Flynn

Media Strategist: Chandni Shah

Partner, Account Lead: Andrea Spiegel

Account Director: Whitney Wortman