Museum of Science and Industry Chicago: Chicago Sparks Curiosity by VSA Partners

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The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago has just launched a new campaign that's reflective of the museum's interactive experience. Unlike most museums, MSI offers exhibits that visitors are encouraged to touch, experiment with and even control — not just observe — living out its mission to "inspire the inventive genius in everyone."

The new campaign takes a different approach to marketing in the category, centering messaging around the brand and brand experience rather than upcoming or featured attractions. Creative elements offer people the opportunity to experience what MSI is all about outside of the museum — asking provocative questions about everyday life and rewarding curiosity.


Bob Winter, Executive Creative Director

Tohru Oyasu, Creative Director

Rainer Schmidt, Creative Director

Denison Kusano, Creative Director

Lisa Plachy, Copywriter

Joe Nio , Director of Strategy

Jessica Sochol, Strategy

Melissa Keller, Project Manager

Adam Brown, Client Engagement

Klarna: Smoooth Dogg

Added 17 January 2019
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