Date: Jan 2020
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As part of its 75th anniversary initiative, ‘UN75’, the United Nations is conducting dialogues between people from all over the globe in order to bring them together and help solve the world’s problems.

The UN partnered with Vox Media’s brand studio, Vox Creative on the initiative, which has a goal to create the largest, most inclusive conversation on the role of global cooperation. The campaign launches with a video titled ‘Shaping Our Future Together,’ featuring interviews with dozens of people from across the world. It covers five key ‘megatrends’ that will shape the UN’s agenda for years to come: climate change, shifting demographics, the impact of digital technologies, growing inequity and increased conflict and violence.

Shot in split-screen documentary style, the video captures a diverse set of people from different backgrounds in ‘conversation’ with one another, featuring how people from around the world are responding to the major issues our world faces – together. They discuss rising seas which are displacing whole populations, drastic wage inequalities, migration and other hot button issues.

To create the film, Vox Creative filmed people of all ages in five countries including Russia, China, Germany, Nigeria and the United States, in all six UN languages of Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. The film is available in translation in all six languages, as well.


Vox Creative