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Kid Reviewed by VMLY&R

Agency: VMLY&R
Date: Jun 2019
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VMLY&R is launching 'Kid Reviewed' with The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development. Tennessee tourism partnered with attractions across the state to find out if joy can be measured. They created the Laugh Tracker, a sound-activated wearable technology developed by VMLY&R that records laughter and heart rate to capture kids’ excitement throughout the day. As part of the 'Kids Reviewed' campaign, Laugh Trackers were deployed in May at family destinations across Tennessee. The Kid Reviewed site shares stats on the average number of laughs and excitement per hour for attractions. For Dollywood, there is a heat map that illustrates the intensity of children’s laughter and excitement at various activities throughout the park.

In addition to the Laugh Tracker, Tennessee’s state tourism office created a traveling 'Kid Reviewed' booth where kids were able to record their honest reviews of popular attractions. Reviews recorded at the Kid Reviewed booth have been transcribed and posted on the Kid Reviewed website and on Pinterest. The Laugh Tracker data and kid reviews provide a resource to parents and caregivers planning vacations and seeking the best activities for their kids.


Agency: VMLY&R

Client: Tennessee Department of Tourist Development