Agency: VML
Date: Apr 2018
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In America, children in underprivileged urban areas face poverty, murder and drugs as part of everyday life. The issues are clear - but most people ignore them.

To get potential donors’ attention, VML and Kansas City Youth Ambassadors tapped into their childhood by creating a friendly puppet show. These educational songs aim to teach kids horrific life lessons, like how to know if a parent is overdosing or what to do to stave off hunger.

Youth Ambassadors who grow up in violent neighborhoods write, draw and paint as part of the healing process provided by the organisation. Each song was adapted from these creative works by VML, creating a circle of healing that starts and ends with the kids.


Agency: VML

Production Company: Station Film/Seyi Peter-Thomas

Additional companies (and their role):

- Cosmo Street, Editing

- Wojahn Bros Music, Music & Sound Production

- Evolution Audio, Music & Sound Production

Debbi Vandeven – Global Chief Creative Officer – VML

John Godsey – Chief Creative Officer, NA – VML

Aaron Evanson – Executive Creative Director – VML

Grant Minnis – Creative Director – VML

Austin Ridling – Associate Creative Director – VML

Jonathan Vigliaturo – Associate Creative Director – VML

Tyler Smith – Head of Production – VML

Lauren Meehan – Account Manager – VML

Mikalah Morris – Senior Planner – VML

Bill Patterson – Connections Director, PR – VML

Jamie Dierking – Director of Communications – VML

Kristen Sikorski – Associate Media Director – VML

Breckyn Crocker – Associate Connections Manager – VML

Abbie Schmid – Senior Connections Manager – VML

Seyi Peter-Thomas – Director – Station Film

Stephen Orent – Managing Partner – Station Film

Caroline Gibney – Partner/Executive Producer – Station Film

Julie Lee – Producer – Station Film

Doug Chamberlain – Director of Photography – Station Film

Chris Giammalvo – Production Designer – Station Film

Puppet Garage – Puppet Builder

Kevin Anderson – Editor – Cosmo Street

Justin Trovato – Editor – Cosmo Street

Yvette Cobarrubias-Sears – Executive Producer – Cosmo Street

Gigi May – Producer – Cosmo Street

Roger Wojahn – Owner/Songwriter – Wojahn Bros Music

Scott Wojahn – Owner/Songwriter – Wojahn Bros Music

Jon Olmstead – Music Editor – Wojahn Bros Music

Dara Norris – Executive Producer – Wojahn Bros Music

Patrick Meagher – Sound Engineer – Evolution Audio