Posters with Style by Toni&Guy by VML

Agency: VML
Date: Jun 2018
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With the intention to reinvent the way static outdoor posters were presented, and change negative perceptions around the ad format, VML Singapore approached Toni & Guy to launch an out-of-home (OOH) campaign.

The campaign, which launched in May 2018, gave Toni & Guy’s stylists a platform to express themselves as artists and showcase their most creative work. Stylists from key Toni & Guy stores in Singapore had a hand at styling the upper half of the posters, replicating the way they styled the human head. By turning the posters into hair models, the stylists effectively breathed new life into what many view as a static, traditional and dull medium.

VML Singapore leveraged Toni & Guy’s prominent location in key upscale areas, and its reliance on store location visibility, by placing branded posters at two shopping centres where the global hairdressing brand was located at – Mandarin Gallery and Star Vista.


Creative Director: Joaquim Laurel

Associate Creative Director: Savio Fonseca

Art Director: JoonWon Lee

Designer: Megan Soh

Senior Client Manager: Gillian Stewart

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