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Kraft Heinz: 'Thank You Mom Meal Service' for Indonesian moms by VML, Geometry Global & OMD

Date: Dec 2017
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This Mother’s Day (December 22), over 30,000 mothers in three cities across Indonesia, will be treated to their favourite meals, served up by three renowned chefs. The ‘Thank You Mom Meal Service’ is part of a campaign launched by Kecap ABC, led by VML Indonesia, in partnership with Geometry Global and OMD.

The campaign is underpinned by the crucial insight that, while Indonesian mothers give their all to their families, they are not recognised enough for the sacrifices and efforts they make – a difficult truth that is also acknowledged by their family members. This insight was uncovered as a part of a study that Kecap ABC authored, in collaboration with Ipsos to better understand the motivations and struggles of Indonesian mothers.

In line with the brand and company’s push towards creating acts, not just ads; Kecap ABC has created the ‘Thank You Mom Meal Service’. An act that allows the brand to make moms feel a little more appreciated this mother’s day.

The act was launched at a press conference on 15 December 2017. As a fully integrated campaign deployed on TV, digital, social and in POSM; it will culminate in the event taking place on 22 December, with 36,000 mothers in the three cities of Jabodetabek, Surabaya and Semarang, being treated to their favourite dishes, cooked with Kecap ABC’s very own first press recipes, and served by three well-known chefs - Chef William (Jabodetabek), Chef Billy (Semarang) and Chef Ken (Surabaya).