Ambliopia Campaña Mundial: irescue by VML

Agency: VML
Date: Apr 2018
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Kids around the world struggle with amblyopia, or lazy eye. It’s treatable, but in disadvantaged communities that lack medical care, lazy eye can lead to learning difficulties and blindness.

VML created an inexpensive tool that empowers parents to proactively screen and treat their child’s eyes using any available printed material.


Debbi Vandeven – Global Chief Creative Officer – VML

John Godsey – Chief Creative Officer, NA – VML

Maurizio Villarreal – Executive Creative Director – VML

Catalina Hernández - Manager Cretaive - VML

Antonio López – Group Creative Director – VML

Raquel Jácome – Associate Cretaive Director – VML

Julio Ortiz – Copywriter Lead – VML

Julián Sánchez – Art Director – VML

Carlos Ordoñez – Design Director – VML

Juan Pablo Rubiano - Producer – VML

Felipe Rincón – Photography Director – VML

Moria Deshpande – Copywriter Lead – VML

Troy Leyenaar – Creative Director – VML

E45: Different Days by Havas

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