Client: Danone
Date: May 2018
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Rigged with hidden cameras and a company of actors, an undercover film of Danone’s pop-up restaurant – the ‘Konfusion Kitchen’ – highlights the current absurdity of ever-changing healthy food trends.

Vice creative agency Virtue Scandinavia created the Copenhagen pop-up to test just how much foodies are willing to put with in their plight to sample zeitgeist dishes. Diners are first presented with a menu serving ‘holistic, organismic, biodynamic, low carb, raw food’, yet with a ping of the bell the chef declares the fare of offer is changing to ‘paleo, high protein, slow food’.

Customers are presented with food such as an ostrich egg slowly cooking under an infrared light, before this is whisked away as the menu changes once again. The process continues (at one point the eatery turns into a ‘Kombucha Rave’) until the waiter reveals to the diners that they are, in fact, the subjects of an advertising experiment.


Agency: Virtue Scandinavia

Client: Danone