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Black Queer Town Hall: The Most Office by Virtue

Agency: Virtue
Date: Oct 2020
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Black Queer Town Hall, a platform committed to celebrating excellence by cultivating community, sharing knowledge, and uplifting voices in culture, rhas eleased its latest effort; a voting campaign aimed at educating and driving US citizens to vote, specifically targeting those in Pennsylvania, one of the most important swing states in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Created in partnership with Virtue, the agency born from Vice, and voting rights organization, And Still I Vote, The Most Office, is a musical tutorial starring LGBTQ icons, Bob the Drag Queen, Peppermint, and Virtue’s own Head of Creative, Americas, Genie Gurnani, while directed by Jake Wilson.

The music video opens up with a cameo from Wanda Sykes playing your everyday talking head as she discusses voter suppression on TV with Bob the Drag Queen and Peppermint watching from a living room. This inspires the two to educate voters on their options in fulfilling their civic duty. Cue The Most Office. The song begins and the two sing through the importance of voting, emphasizing the safety in Vote by Mail, with their words supported by graphic animations. Virtue’s Head of Creative, Americas, Genie Gurnani also plays a cameo throughout the video as the glittery mailbox. The second verse calls out Pennsylvania voters in their various counties, emphasizing their significance in this election, while reminding voters of key dates and their voter rights in showing up to polls or voting by mail.


Bob The Drag Queen – Songwriter (Black Queer Town Hall)

Peppermint – Songwriter (Black Queer Town Hall)

Mitch Ferrino – Songwriter, Music Producer (Black Queer Town Hall)

Genie – Dancing Mailbox, Executive Creative Director (Virtue)

Jake Wilson – Music Video Director

Meg Pearce – Senior Art Director (Virtue)

Alicia Bee – Art Director (Virtue)

Katie Cascio – Senior Copywriter (Virtue)

Cal Laird – Editor

Lauren Niedlman – Animator

Raphaeël Ajuelos – Audio Mixer

Ivan Olivo – Agency Producer (Virtue)

Ken Kitch – Executive Producer (Virtue)

Columbia Tatone – Line Producer

Whitney Newman – Costume Designer (Most Office Uniforms)

Mr. Gorgeous – Costume Designer (Mailbox)

Nichelle Sanders – Client Partner (Virtue)

Carli Nicholas – Account Director (Virtue)

Taylor Delbridge – Communications Strategy Director (Virtue)

Madeline Dooney – Communications Strategist (Virtue)

Kim Uong- Senior Brand Strategist (Virtue)