Agency: VICE
Client: VICE
Date: Apr 2019
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VICE’s beer brand, Old Blue Last Beer (OBLB), is heralding the approach of summer and gig season with the launch of a ‘tall boy’ version of its trademark gold can. To accompany the launch, OBLB is releasing a brand new ad campaign, which features actor and writer Matt King (Peep Show, Bronson), as well as a series of launch events around the country kicking off from May 1.

Since launching nationwide in October 2017 the 5% ABV ‘hazy golden lager’, has been available in standard 355ml gold cans. It is now introducing a new 473ml can to the UK market. The new SUPERCANS increase capacity by 33%, giving people more time to enjoy the pleasures of the long sunny days and nights ahead. This product innovation comes from learnings in the NYC market where the larger format cans soon became ubiquitous across gigs, clubs and dive bars — because let’s be honest, spilling your pint gets annoying.

To help introduce the SUPERCANS to UK audiences, actor and writer Matt King will front OBLB’s ad campaign. As well as a 60” launch ad, King fronts a series of shorter 20” spots to highlight key elements of the launch campaign such as “Mates’ Rates” delivery and “First Round On Us”.