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Callaway Golf: Golf Lives Part I: Scarface by Vice Sports

Date: Jan 2018
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Callaway Golf's collaboration with Vice Sports has resulted in a series featuring Scarface, aka Brad Jordan, formerly of the Geto Boys.

The piece sits at the intersection of golf and hip-hop, a documentary titled 'Golf Lives' that takes a close look at the importance of the sport to rap legend Scarface. This first 10-minute documentary (which now features two additional parts) was directed by Sarah Rinaldi (a CNN showrunner). It shows not only Scarface's passion for the game, but also how Callaway developed a custom set of clubs with him to shave off a few points from his score.


Vice Sports

Callaway Golf

Director: Sarah Rinaldi

Director of Photography: Jason Thompson

Editor: Anthony Cortese

Agency: The Kimba Group

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