Agency: VCCP
Date: Jun 2018
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This year, London reached its annual air quality limit in less than a month. Because of that, Transport for London and the Mayor have plans in place to tackle the problem and improve air quality for Londoners. One of those plans is the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from April 2019.

This campaign is designed to drive awareness of the poor quality of London's air, as well as to introduce the Ultra Low Emission Zone that is designed to help clean it up.

The issue of air quality is challenging. Firstly, due to it being invisible, poor air quality is not seen as an urgent concern. Furthermore, people are resigned to it and struggle to see how they, alone, can make a difference. So how do we create both impact and urgency around an intangible issue that is currently perceived as tomorrow’s problem?

The campaign, created by VCCP, focused on those who are affected most by the poor quality of London’s air; the capital’s children. The shocking fact is, every single child in London is breathing toxic air every day, mainly caused by vehicle pollution, which has long-term consequences on their health.


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