Agency: VCCP
Date: Sep 2017
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Ahead of Fox’s highly-anticipated sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, has announced a new multi-million-pound TVC ad campaign, which will see Harry Hart join forces with meerkats Aleksandr and Sergei.

The new 60” spot will be on screens from 8 September 2017 showing Aleksandr and Sergei in a familiar scene from the first film, where character Harry Hart saved Eggsy from a gang in a local London pub.

The advert opens with a shot of The Black Prince, where Aleksandr and Sergei are sipping on a pint and a cocktail. They are rudely interrupted by a man demanding Aleksandr gets out of his seat.

Unbeknown to the meerkats, Harry Hart notices the disturbance over his paper and quietly observes. Aleksandr calls for help and Sergei, ready to come to the rescue, utters the infamous Kingsman line with a twist: “Manners Maketh Meerkat”. After locking the pub door from the inside, Sergei clumsily knocks his glasses off his face, no longer able to see.


Client –

Creative Agency - VCCP

Executive Creative Director - Darren Bailes

Creative Director – Matt Lloyd

TV Producer – Carly Parris

Creative Team – Javier Romartinez & Stephen Misir

Account Director - Kirsten Farkas

Senior Account Manager - Victoria Cleland

Production Company – Passion Pictures

Director – Dave Scanlon

Producers – Anna Cunningham / Patrick Duguid

Editor – Gus Herdman

Animation & VFX – Passion Pictures

Colourist – Simone Grattarola @ Time based Arts

Post Production – Rushes

Post Production producer – Joe West

Sound Engineer – Ben Leeves @ Grand central