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Client: Planters
Date: Jan 2020
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Whereas last year Mr. Peanut saved friends from snacking disappointment, this year he’s saving lives. The newly released pre-game ad shows Mr. Peanut, Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes are on a nutty adventure in the Nutmobile when Mr. Peanut is forced to swerve, causing the vehicle to spin out of control. The trio jumps out of the Nutmobile, clinging to a tree branch, as the vehicle crashes down into a deep canyon below. They momentarily find safety until their combined weight begins to break the branch. In the ultimate act of friendship, Mr. Peanut lets go and sacrifices himself to save his friends from impending doom.

At his funeral, he springs anew and becomes Baby Nut during the Super Bowl’s second quarter.

Fans can follow along on social media with #BabyNut to see him grow into a peanut of the people that brings every kind of nut together.

With Baby Nut’s cute looks comes cute swag. Fans can purchase fun Baby Nut gear, such as sweatshirts, baby onesies and hats by visiting Plus, fans who spot the Nutmobile will receive a Baby Nut sticker.