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Pepsi: Pepsi Engagement Ring by VaynerMedia

Client: Pepsi
Date: Feb 2020
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Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Pepsi is excited to launch a one-of-a-kind contest, tailor made for unapologetic Pepsi fans that have a flair for romance and an unbridled passion for Pepsi. Introducing the Pepsi Engagement Ring made with Crystal Pepsi.

Starting 13 February, fans will have the opportunity to plan their perfect proposal and win an engagement ring featuring a 1.53 carat, lab-grown alternative diamond made out of real Crystal Pepsi, sitting atop a platinum band.

To launch the contest, Pepsi is debuting a video – akin to a traditional engagement ring commercial - calling on fans to tweet their proposal ideas – the more creative, bold and unapologetic, the better – using @Pepsi, #PepsiProposal, and #Contest. The contest will run through 6 March. The final winner will be announced the week of 16 March, just in time for National Proposal Day (20 March).

Pepsi worked with creative agency, VaynerMedia, to create the world’s first and only Pepsi Engagement Ring made with Crystal Pepsi. The brand sees the passion and love that fans have for Pepsi and wanted to reward this loyalty and love with something that will last a lifetime.

To make this ring, real Crystal Pepsi was boiled down to its most basic carbon form, resulting in a powder that was added to the process for creating a lab grown alternative diamond (this process requires using a small piece of natural diamond which is placed in carbon and put under high pressure and temps).



Pepsi (Cystal Pepsi)