Client: Budweiser
Date: Feb 2019
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Charlize Theron stars in a 60-second spot for Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager, a brew aged over Jim Beam barrel staves. The Oscar winner is seen ordering one at a typical tavern, then pouring it from its stubby bottle into a tall glass. Before she takes a sip, she hears a boasting man yelp over his prowess as a billiards shark. She does a classic “hold my beer” to a patron before deciding to keep holding it herself.

Theron then proceeds to whip the man at the pool table while putting the Run-DMC classic track Tricky on the jukebox. After her win, she continues her streak on the dart board, the punching bag game and an arm wrestling match, never spilling a drop of the lager as she leaves the defeated men in her wake.

Her brief voice over at the end states, “There’s a new Bud in town.”


Agency: VaynerMedia

Brand: Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager