Agency: Vans
Date: Mar 2019
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Vans is launching its 'This Is Off The Wall' campaign, a series of digital storytellings and activiations that aim to inspire and support the global skating community.

The large, umbrella campaign kicks off with 'Vanguards,' a celebration of women skateboarders across the global.

“Our brand’s identity is continually inspired by personalities such as the women you meet in the Vanguards campaign,” said Erwin Federizo, Vans’ global executive creative director. “By sharing their stories, we are able to continue celebrating the unique individuals who are living and breathing Vans’ ‘Off The Wall’ ethos. Creative campaigns like this are a true testament to our purpose.”

In a four-minute spot, young women from Brazil, Japan and the US share their unique style approach to skating.

"I know I'm going to try to land the trick, you know, and if you can't do it today you try it tomorrow," said Brazilian skater Yndiara Asp, right before falling and crashing her head into a pole.

She smiles, grabs some ice and says, "I'm going for it, that's my style."

The three other skaters are Lizzie Armanto, Brighton Zeuner and Mami Tezuka.

Beginning on International Women's Day (8 March), Vans will host a series of women's skate workshops across the world.

As part of the Vanguard experience, the skatewear company will also host a Vans Park Series, featuring skate clinics and activations curated by the local skaters featured in the campaign.