United Way: A Dollar Goes a Long Way by Union

Agency: Union
Client: United Way
Date: Oct 2019
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'A dollar goes a long way.' You've heard this phrase a million times. You've also seen a lot of sad videos about poverty, kids with cancer, et cetera, a million times. So Union thought it would be interesting to portray a dollar bill looking for his purpose in the world.

Not being spent on ridiculous opulence like a $5 whipped cream over-the-top drink or not even being worth enough to buy a lottery ticket. Or not even wanted at the dollar store because there's tax.

Union wanted people watching to understand that every dollar has use at the United Way. The video was provided by Holman Enterprises to convince its 7,500-plus employees to donate to this great cause through payroll deductions. Over the past 10 years they've raised over $11m dollars.



United Way

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