Client: Unilever
Date: Jun 2019
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Unilever’s 'United We Stand,' claims to be a first-of-its-kind Pride campaign.

Partnering with agency RanaVerse, Unilever saw the opportunity to turn over the status of being an “official WorldPride sponsor” to six grassroots organizations, which otherwise would not have had access to a corporate Pride sponsorship.

As part of the campaign, Unilever and RanaVerse created films for each organization, each featuring a different ambassador. The films are directed by Tourmaline, a passionate advocate for the trans community.

Dove is working with Aaron Philip to bring awareness to experiences of those who are underrepresented in media and advertising and show the world that beauty isn’t binary. Aaron and Dove have partnered with the Audre Lorde Project- a New York based organization which focuses on supporting organizing campaigns that work on healing justice, trans justice, community building and volunteering - to make the fashion and beauty industries more diverse, inclusive, and accessible.

Schmidt’s Naturals is teaming up with Lachlan Watson and the Trans Justice Funding Project to elevate the critical role that self-care, community, and wellness play in the trans and non-binary community.

Shea Moisture, a brand that believes that economic empowerment is essential for people to thrive, is partnering with Big Freedia to support the work of Destination Tomorrow.

Axe, a brand that aims to tackle toxic behaviors associated with traditional masculinity, is working with Tommy Dorfman and the Anti-Violence Project - a leading New York based charity founded to offer on the ground support and counseling services to LGBTQIA+ peoples who experience hate crimes and/or violence - to create world where LGBTQIA+ people are safe, respected, and live free from violence.

Vaseline, a brand that believes in the power of healing both physically and emotionally, is teaming up with Titus Burgess and New Alternatives - an organization dedicated to the care and well-being of young people in the LGBTQIA+ community - to underscore the need for a place that helps LGBTQIA+ youth feel accepted and empowered on their road to self-sufficiency.

Suave, a brand that has valued the importance of family for over 80 years, is teaming up with Amiyah Scott and PFLAG to create awareness around the importance of family support and acceptance within the LGBTQIA+ community.


Campaign and Creative Direction: RanaVerse

Directed by: Tourmaline

Styling: Chris Campbell

Production: 19th & Park

Casting: Jill Demling and Jack Mizrahi

Hair: Andrita Renee

Make Up: Dorothy Peterson

Stills: Tyrell Hampton