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Yolt: Unthink Money by Uncommon

Agency: Uncommon
Client: Yolt
Date: Feb 2021
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Yolt is the financial app using neuroscience to outsmart your brain biology. The integrated campaign, created by Uncommon Creative Studio, focuses on the lizard brain, an evolutionary throwback responsible for your most impulsive and financially dubious decisions.

The lizard brain, otherwise known as your ‘cerebrum serpentium’, comprises of destructive, excessive and compulsive spending habits. Activities such as buying those extra lavish take-outs on a Tuesday, scoring the latest trainer drop for no real reason and getting yourself the next best gaming sensation, just because. We continue to spend — regardless of any global recession or logical urge to save.

Uncommon launch their first work for Yolt, since winning the business, to help the human brain take back control through the free smart money app, whose services help make saving as easy as spending.

Rooted in behavioural science, the playful campaign is a unique, scientific explanation as to why humans spend in the way they do. It brings to life how through using smart money apps like Yolt, people can take back control of their money.