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The Guardian: Hope is Power by Uncommon

Agency: Uncommon
Date: Sep 2019
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It's first in seven years, the Guardian has launched a global campaign 'Hope is Power' that works to reinstate its purpose, to encourage readers around the world to support its journalism.

Given the Guardian doesn't apply a firewall, the newspaper relies a great deal on the donations of its readers who either contribute money, or subscribe to it's digital or print subscriptions.

With a target of reaching £2m paying supporters by 2022, 'Hope is Power' aims to deepen affinity among existing Guardian supporters, while also encouraging new readers to spend more time with Guardian journalism.

The tagline for the campaign is inspired by a 2017 piece written by the Guardian's editor-in-chief Katherine Viner, entitled 'A mission for journalism in a time of crisis' where she called on readers to support the newspaper.

Build on the relationship The Guardian has with its reader, the campaign seeks to highlight the crucial role the newspaper plays in giving people information that enables them to challenge the status quo, to come up with fresh ideas and to develop opinions that hold power to account.

In the Guardian's defining yellow shade, the print campaign contains positives quotes that rally its readers up take action against the backdrop of a bleak and turbulent era.

'Hope is Power' is launched with a film, directed by James Marsh - the Academy Award-winning director of Stephen Hawking's biopic, The Theory of Everything.

In the spot, a butterfly is seen trying to break free from an empty room - a common scene as far as insect and clear windows go. Not one to give up, the butterfly keeps trying to get through the glass - going back and forth until the glass smashes and it joins a whole swarm of butterflies outside. The text onscreen reads: 'Change is possible. Hope is power.'

Done in collaboration between The Guardian's brand, marketing and editorial teams. Uncommon London led on creative development, PHD led on media planning and buying, and Pentagram developed the initial brand positioning.