INFINITI: Life, Lived by Unanimous Media

Date: Jul 2019
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Infiniti Motor Company has teamed with NBA superstar Stephen Curry’s Unanimous Media for a three-part YouTube series that offers a look into Curry’s life.

‘Life, Lived’ highlights comfort, luxury and creativity as they relate to both Curry’s life and Infiniti autos. It captures an unguarded and relaxed Curry in three completely unique scenarios. In the first, Curry gets his two daughters, Riley and Ryan, into the Infiniti QX60. He surprises them by turning on the Hamilton soundtrack while driving them to ice cream. Curry and the girls sing along endearingly to the track You’ll Be Back as the multiple cameras placed in the vehicle show off the roominess, the comfort and the various features on the luxury crossover.

Two upcoming episodes show Curry offering a glimpse into his sneaker design process, working with custom shoe designer, Dan ‘Mache’ Gamache, on an exclusive pair of his Under Armour Curry 6 shoe inspired by the Infiniti QX50; and a lighter side of the Warriors players pulling a creative prank on his close friend Chris ‘COSeezy’ Strachan, founder of the non-profit, Kick’n It For A Cause.


Unanimous Media


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