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Date: Mar 2019
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Agency Ueno and global initiative Good Measure recently brought a band of creatives together for a 72-hour philanthropic event to help a non-profit organization gain a name, build a communications platform, website and video to address youth violence.

Ueno, a full-service agency that builds and designs products, brands, and experiences, and Good Measure, a global initiative organizing creative projects for lasting impact, along with more than 80 volunteers from various backgrounds and agencies – from as far as St. Louis, Houston, Los Angeles and even Iceland – spent a long weekend in New York creating a brand and website for Memphis-based non-profit Grounded that develops mindfulness curriculum for students who have and will face adversity and childhood trauma. ts founders include Emmy award-winning filmmakers Alan Spearman and Mark Adams, and former White House Photographer during the Obama Administration, Amanda Lucidon, and Sister Peace, a nun in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing, who collaborate on an ongoing basis with talented key artists, musicians, and creatives.

Grounded’s purpose is to work in Memphis neighborhoods, with juvenile detention facilities and schools, to build teams of student collaborators to creatively address youth violence in Memphis. The organization received a full toolkit of brand and UX/UI design, strategy, copywriting, photo and video and web development. It also received its name at the 72-hour sprint, as before it was a loose collective of people working towards the same goal.

The project took place at the Ueno office in SoHo where volunteers met the team leaders (design, web, video, strategy), and ran through a workshop with the nonprofit founders and gun violence experts. By the end of the weekend, they had all the tools for Grounded. It was also hosted by Ace Content (Anomaly).



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