Uber Agency: Rebrand

Date: Aug 2018
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Sheffield-based integrated advertising agency Über is this week re-launching its brand; a move reflecting what promises to be an exciting new era for the award-winning company, which was founded in 2003. Über’s confident, future-facing attitude is summed up by its bold new positioning: brand spankers and vanilla killers – the agency that won’t do ‘so-so’.

This underlines the core culture, attitude, and philosophy that has flowed through the Über for 14 years.The re-brand is brought to life through a brash colour palette, a slick suite of icons, striking 3D rendered objects and a kinetic motion graphics style, delivered via a new website and promotional video, to be released shortly.

The move underpins a broader agency growth strategy; while strong creativity will continue to be Über’s niche, it will also be significantly expanding its digital arm in line with client and consumer demands as well as strengthening its core senior team with a number of key hires, all with a view to cementing its reputation as being the ‘best outside of London’.

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