Client: Twitter
Date: Nov 2021
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In a bid to promote Twitter Blue, the social media giant has rolled out a series of retro-inspired infomercials starring comedians and internet celebrities Dana Donnelly, Meg Stalter, Broman, and Prance donning some pastel-hued Jane Fonda inspired workout attire.

The tongue-in-cheek jazzercise-style videos encourage users to ‘flex those Twitter fingers and take it to the next level’ by joining its premium subscription service for $2.99 a month.

A new ‘Undo’ button will give people an option to make edits to the post up to 60seconds before it's public - plenty of time to catch the dreaded typo.

Other new features include bookmark folders, custom navigation, reader mode for threads and ad-free articles (but it won’t let you pass paywalls) which will be available to Twitter users in the US, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia on iOS, Android, and web.

All four of the internet personalities featured, who generally appeal to the Gen-Z and Millennial audience, have used the site to gain notoriety and communicate their comedic talents over the years.