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Twitter: Me on Twitter

Client: Twitter
Date: Jul 2019
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Twitter is staking itself as a social media platform where people are more real than they are on other social sites with a new out-of-home (OOH) campaign.

The effort from Twitter will be seen by commuters in San Francisco and New York City through 9 August. In the ads, users compare how they act on Twitter as compared to Instagram and Facebook. Some are humorous, like one that shows a majestic horse next to one with a dorky smile, with text that says “Me on Instagram vs Me on Twitter,” meaning that they feel more comfortable being who they really are rather than having to appear perfect.

Another says “Me on Facebook: Look how lovely and busy my life is! Hi mom! Me on Twitter: oh god what am I doing adulthood is scary and confusing.”

Others are a bit more serious, like the one showing a rainbow flag next to a black and white striped flag with the text “Me on Twitter vs me on Facebook.”

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