Client: Twitter
Date: Oct 2020
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In true Twitter style, the social platform has teamed up with some of the UK's renowned illustrators to bring to life some authentic, hilarious and relatable Halloween Tweets, dressing them up all spooky and letting them loose on the streets of London after dark.

From eerie realisations, mortifying moments to awkward encounters; Twitter is working with leading creative teams including Emmy-award winning Manual Cinema, Mesmer and Global Street Art Agency, as well as creative agency Flying Object, to bring Tweets that give us the real heebie-jeebies to life.

The immortalised Tweets illuminating the streets and tunnels across the capital include a glow in the dark monstrously absorbent paper towel, a zombie annoyed about movie characters not using coasters and an embarrassed hipster retweeted by a ghost.

Walls in Shoreditch and Peckham host ultraviolet street art installations, each depicting a monster we all encounter in everyday life. Illustrators including Toria Jaymes, Zender and Tjoff Koong Studios worked with Global Street Art Agency to imagine the monsters - including a hungry kitchen roll and a pack of feral phone chargers.