Intel and RSC: Reimagining Shakespeare by TwelveA.M.

Agency: TwelveA.M.
Clients: Intel , RSC
Date: Jun 2019
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TwelveA.M's latest campaign set out to introduce the work of William Shakespeare to a millennial audience, through Intel and The RSC’s joint production of ‘The Tempest’ at the London's Barbican.

The atmospheric film is a dramatic reading that incorporates the story of ‘The Tempest’ in a new and engaging way. TwelveA.M paid homage to theme of the play with subtle camera and editing techniques, allowing spoken-word artist Suli Breaks to take front and centre.

The campaign increased awareness of the Tempest production amongst the target demographic. As a result, ticket sales increased by 18% and in addition, the film generated over 1M organic views in 3 days across social.


Creative Agency: TwelveA.M.

Creative Director: OJ Deady

Art Director: Natalie Bell

Strategist: Katie Shiffman

Producer: Sam Herbert

Director: OJ Deady

DoP: Paul McKay

Editor: Dan Hemmington

Colourist: Jon Dobson, The Wash

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Overall Rating