Libbs Farmacêutica: Próximo Passo – O Projeto by Tudo

Agency: Tudo
Date: May 2018
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Despite affecting millions of people around the world, depression is surrounded by prejudices and lack of information. To incite reflection in society about the seriousness of this disease and encourage people to seek appropriate treatment, the movement “Next Step” promotes dance sessions to complement the multidisciplinary treatment of depression.

The idea to invite real people to take a step towards overcoming depression under the positive light of dance associated with medical treatment, came from Tudo after observing some other campaigns around the same theme. "We had noticed that the vast majority of campaigns that addressed depression were dark, heavy, and even depressing.

"On top of that, there is the matter of prejudice. Many people don't face depression as a disease and loads of families don't see it as a problem or believe that the person is just sad or lazy.

"That's why not too many people go after medical help and live their lives for many years without finding an answer, which can result in severe consequences," says Iron Neto, managing partner and business director at Agência Tudo.


Product: Zetron XL

President: Maurício Magalhães

Executive creative director: Nina Lucato

Creative director: Cristiano Franco

Art director: Cristiano Franco / Nina Lucato

Copywriter: Maria Cristina Del Nero / Nicolla Raggio

Strategy director: Gustavo Teixeira

Strategist: Cleber Paradela / Felipe Tobal / Leandro Gimenez / Virna Miranda

Account director: Iron Neto

Account dxecutive: Ana Cláudia Benini / Ana Paula Pimentel

Account manager: Natália Mazzi / Vanessa Caruso

Media director: Lúcia Cucci

Media assistent: Ana Carolina Costa / Matteus Martins

Production director: Iron Neto

Audiovisual production: Dandara Santana

Film production: Black Maria

Film director: Tico Vicente

Film account director: Prix Adaime

Film executive production: Angela Farinello

Film post production: Marcio Faurer

Music director: Ruben Feffer

Music production: Zé Ruivo

Assistent music production: Rodrigo Custódio

Music production: Flavia Prats Feffer / Erika Marques / Juliana Calazans

Music post prodiction: Ultrassom Music Ideas

Photography: Miro

Photography post production: Fujocka

Client: Alexandre Varga / Roberta Calvoso / Wilson Junior

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Added 20 August 2018
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