Client: Caloi
Date: Apr 2019
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In Brazil, a spike in diesel fuel prices caused a national truck strike in protest, which bled over into consumer territory due to distribution issues, causing painful lines and rising costs.

Brazilian cycling company Caloi offered the bicycle as a unique, low carbon mobility solution, and it put the cost savings of bike transportation out for all to see – right in front of gas stations.

‘Liters,’ an ad campaign created by Tribal Worldwide’s São Paulo office, found a way to show how cycling is a viable, sustainable and economical option for transportation, and with the timing and placement to impact a potential target. Focused on out-of-home (OOH) media, the communication transformed the prices of some of its best-selling bikes to gallons of gasoline, questioning the use of cars in the crowded city as well as rationally demonstrating the cost-to-benefit ratio in urban mobility.

The index used to convert the bike prices in liters of gas was based in real-time data connected with Google Waze information. Every time the fuel value varied, the digital outdoor signs were updated accordingly. To increase the impact, the OOH media placements were selected strategically near gas stations, especially those with the largest queues.

Comparing the Reais (Brazilian currency) that could be spent on a new bike instead of pouring liters of gasoline into a car, more people became aware that cycling is not only good for health and for the planet, but also for their wallets.


Agency: Tribal Worldwide São Paulo

Client: Caloi