Transitions Optical: Light Under Control by Animals

Agency: Animals
Date: Apr 2018
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Consumers have probably heard of Transitions Lenses before, and that vague awareness might also be coupled with a vivid memory of moms and dads wearing them in the 80s and 90s. That stereotype is about to change with Transitions’ new brand campaign that dispels this unfortunate misconception.

The 'Light Under Control' campaign is the latest work from Transitions Lenses, and it's a complete brand refresh – from TV to digital to social and everything in between – that aims to attract a younger generation of style-centric wearers to the photochromic lens category by positioning the brand as way to personalize your lenses and express yourself.

Aligning with their goal to put Light Intelligent Technology in the hands of younger consumers, Transitions announced their partnership with Johnson & Johnson Vision to create the first adaptive contact lenses using Transitions technology.


Agency: Animals

Director: Paul Ward

DOP: Cesar Zacharewicz

Production company: Gangfilms.

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