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The Drum The Mining Screensaver by TracyLocke Brazil

Date: Jun 2018
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5 votes, the world's largest petition platform, and TracyLocke Brazil, a Brazilian shopper marketing agency, have created 'The Mining Screensaver', a screensaver that, once installed, uses computers to mine cryptocurrencies and turn them into donations for the Foundation, helping promote changes in areas such as health, education, human rights, economics and politics.

The mining process works as follows: 'The Mining Screensaver' performs a pool mining operation, which means that whenever computers with the screensaver installed complete mining calculations, they receive micro fractions of cryptocurrency, which are automatically transferred to the Foundation account. The software is totally secure and the more computers are mining together, the greater is the processing power, increasing the donations.

The foundation then allocates the money raised to fulfill its mission throughout the world, with a special focus on Latin America and Brazil. Today, more than 200 million use all around to world to change what they want, a number that grows every day.


Pipo Calazans - CEO - TracyLocke Brazil

Thomas Tagliaferro - COO - TracyLocke Brazil

Jader Crivellaro - CSO - TracyLocke Brazil

Fabio Moran - Executive Creative Director - TracyLocke Brazil

Arício Fortes - Executive Creative Director - DM9DDB

Fabio Moran, Arício Fortes, Guilherme Machado, Pedro Paoliello, Vinícius Biss - Creation - TracyLocke Brazil

Vinicius Biss - Writing - TracyLocke Brazil

Pedro Paoliello - Art Direction - TracyLocke Brazil

Guilherme Machado - Planning - TracyLocke Brazil

Fernando Miello - Motion Design - TracyLocke Brazil

Roberto Junior - Web Design - TracyLocke Brazil