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Date: Mar 2019
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Tool of North America has unveiled a multi-filter AR app for art murals, showcasing their work within the future of art in public spaces. This project, along with others Tool has ideated and executed, raise many questions about the various and innovative ways brands and agencies can work with the technology, and even the ways it can be used across creative spaces, such as museums, art exhibits, music festivals / concerts, and many other areas.

Currently the AR Mural App augments the visuals of the ‘Sight Beyond Sight’ mural, which was created by rostered Tool artist, DJ Neff, and is displayed on the outside of Tool’s warehouse office in Santa Monica. The AR app allows the mural to blend the physical and digital worlds and become an ever-changing piece of art with 3 distinct filters: Artist Time Lapse (Augmented over the mural you can see the creation process of Sight Beyond Sight); Balls to the Wall (3D balls animate out of the mural to create an Instagrammable moment that is unlike any other); and Enter the Void (Stare into the depths of Sight beyond Sight from different angles).


Tool of North America

DJ Neff