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TikTok and British Red Cross: First Aid Toolkit

Date: Jan 2021
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@firstaidtoolkit How to help if someone is having a severe allergic reaction, with @dr.karanr . ##learnontiktok##firstaid♬ original sound - FirstAidToolKit

How to help someone with a strain or sprain, with @dralexgeorge . ##learnontiktok##firstaid

♬ original sound - FirstAidToolKit

@firstaidtoolkit Everyday items that can help in a ##firstaid emergency, with @doctor.emeka . ##learnontiktok♬ original sound - FirstAidToolKit

The British Red Cross and four TikTok doctors have launched a first aid channel on TikTok, helping the nation to stay safe this lockdown, as the NHS faces increased pressure from the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Alex, Dr Julie, Dr Emeka and Dr Karan Raj star in a range of short educational videos on the Red Cross’s ‘First Aid Toolkit’ - a TikTok channel dedicated to helping people learn vital first aid skills.

The charity says learning first aid is more important than ever – for reasons you may not have realised.

As well as providing a worthwhile distraction from the boredom of lockdown, learning a new skill can give a much needed psychological boost. Mastering first aid also helps people feel more in control of their health, at a time of upheaval and uncertainty.