Date: Mar 2021
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When a global pandemic hits, charities get hit the hardest - which is why designers Holly Kielty and Maisie Bensonwe took matters into their own hands.

Together they have launched Think Food Banks, a guerrilla campaign that tackles the lack of reminders for people to pick up extra items for the food bank while shopping.

After meeting on Instagram and sharing their frustration at the lack of activism by supermarkets, the duo created the quirky, illustrated stickers featuring phrases like 'Don't Forgetti, Donate Spaghetti', to be placed stealthily on shelves, trolleys and baskets to draw attention to much-needed items such as rice, pasta and tinned goods.

After launching on Instagram, the pair have established an army of followers and have sent thousands of stickers to over 120 addresses up and down the UK for people to stick in their local stores.