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British Gas: This Is What Sustainability Looks Like by The&Partnership

Date: Sep 2021
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A multimedia advertising campaign from energy and home services provider, British Gas, aims to uncomplicate the jargon-filled world of sustainability. Public confusion is rife, with British Gas’ own research revealing that 38% of Brits were unsure how to begin their carbon neutral journey, and that over half weren’t sure what the terms ‘net zero’ or ‘carbon neutral’ meant.

Furthermore, 84% of Brits expect brands to be part of the solution, and British Gas aims to deliver on this promise with both simple education and practical solutions we can all adopt.

The new campaign ‘This is what sustainability looks like’, from British Gas and nucleus, cuts through the clichés and fodder of expected ‘green’ advertising, by championing the mundane realities of living more sustainably. The three 30’ films capture the simple sustainable actions we make every day, from turning down the heating from your phone, plugging in your electric car at home, to flicking the kettle on for a cuppa (on a British Gas zero carbon tariff of course); all set against the epic soundtrack of DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s ‘Turn Down for What?’

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