Agency: The Woo
Date: Sep 2019
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Warner Bros and LA-based ad agency The Woo were looking for a way to launch the new series DC Super Hero Girls when they found great stories from actual girls.

Through research, the team discovered girls didn’t aspire to become like their favorite superheroes – they love the characters for the qualities girls saw in themselves. Strength, kindness, intelligence are the powers that united and inspired each girl, so The Woo decided to flip an old superhero paradigm on its head with ‘She’s Like Me.’

‘DC Super Hero Girls’ is an animated franchise that first found a devoted audience as a web series and has recently been rebooted as an animated show on Cartoon Network. Featuring Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Supergirl, Green Lantern and Zatanna – as well as other popular characters from the DC universe – these teenaged supers have to balance their lives as crime-fighters and as normal high-school students trying to figure out their place in the world.

The campaign features the photography of Josh Rossi – who rose to fame after photos of his young daughter dressed as Wonder Woman went viral – and three videos of young girls facing everyday situations but turning negatives into positives. One girl tells how she was always teased for being small, but that benefitted her when she had to rescue a trapped hamster. Another says that she was made goalie for her soccer team when she really wanted to be a striker, but she found out she was a natural goalie when she stopped her first ball. A third makes friends by offering a girl who didn’t have a bike a ride on her own. Each are visited by the Super Hero Girl they most associate with.

Warner Bros and The Woo put together a largely female team to bring the vision to life. This included the Warner Bros internal staff, The Woo’s executive creative director and associate creative director-writer, along with the director, editor, producer, director of photography, production designer and the entire cast.


Client: Warner Bros.

Director, Franchise Management & Marketing: Ami Sandhu

Vice President, Worldwide Franchise Management and Marketing: Kevin Morris

Manager, Worldwide Franchise Management & Marketing: Adam Bodenstein

Agency: The Woo

ECD: Valerie Moizel

ACD/AD: Brock Pisciotta

ACD/CW: Amanda Wallace

Executive Producer: Lorna Paul

Production Manager: Ryan Anderson

SVP, Managing Director: John Gibson

Account Director: Erika Rosenwinkel

Head of Strategy: Andrew Cagan

Director: Maya Albanese

Director of Photography: Laura Merians

Production Designer: Melisa Myers

Editorial: Cosmo Street

Editor: Julie Kravitz Gannon

Animation Director: Mac Whiting

Composite: Baked Studios

Color: Baked Studios

Audio: 740 Sound