Agency: The Union
Date: May 2018
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When it comes to buying food on the go, it’s so easy to say yes to going large, adding a side or making it a meal deal. But these little unnecessary extras are having a huge impact on our health.

Food Standards Scotland approached the Union to increase awareness around upsizing.

An integrated campaign, consisting of outdoor digital 6-sheets and three TV ads, addresses this serious issue in a fun and engaging way, and tells everyone that when it comes to upsizing, it’s time to say no.


Katherine Goodwin - head of communications - Food Standards Scotland

Rich Wilson - marketing manager - Food Standards Scotland

Michael Hart - creative director - The Union

Rory Imlach - art director - The Union

Alan Mclardy - copywriter - The Union

Laura Jones - account handler - The Union

Ben Craig - director - Fond Films

Ray Allan - producer - Fond Films

Matt Prickett - editor - Cut+Run

Dan Aziz - photographer - Dan Aziz Productions