Client: NHTSA
Date: Aug 2018
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This is the first narrative from the White House/NHTSA on the subject of drugged driving. In context of the wider national and international conversations (Canada) on marijuana legalization, this is the only public messaging from the US govt. to date.

The new safety campaign will, for the first time, build on national efforts to combat the emerging trend of drug-impaired driving with campaign messaging: 'If You Feel Different, You Drive Different. Drive High, Get a DUI.'

The campaign will run through the Labor Day holiday weekend (Aug. 15-Sept. 3), part of a push to remind drivers all over the country that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal. This marks the 13th year in a row NHTSA has partnered with Knoxville-based agency, The Tombras Group on its annual campaign.

The campaign media buy launches across national television and radio and digital ads. The media budget for this campaign is $14m over 17 days. Messaging will be extended via social media.


Creative Directors: Brian Potter and Nick Vagott

Producer: Eric Senis

Account Director: Brooke Mengall

Production Company: Skunk

Director: Georgi Banks-Davies

Editing: Spot Welders

Editor: Mischa Meyer

Music: Heard