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Client: MoonPie
Date: Feb 2019
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Exactly a year ago, on a certain Sunday night, MoonPie tweeted nine scripts for spots they would have run if they had the budget. Twitter blew up accordingly, as the scripts were cerebral/meta - a logical extension of the brand's very illogical voice.

Tombras began working on creating the spots, these three, and released them during Super Bowl eve. The thinking behind them was the brand had a ton to gain by putting the work out there in terms of poking at the established approach. It fits more in with Skittles' play - which pays off on last year's campaign - but in a more tangible way. Anyone who follows MoonPie on Twitter got to see the show. A better use of the payoff opportunity.

While you'd have to follow the account to fully grasp their depth, they're interesting enough to keep anyone with an eye for internet culture interested. The spots were meant to pay off an unspoken promise made to the brand's Twitter audience, an Easter egg of sorts.

#TheBigThing is the wrapper here.


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