Date: Jan 2019
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RedMart, the Alibaba-owned online grocery marketplace, has launched a new campaign which aims to showcase its capabilities in sourcing, picking and delivering groceries for customers.

The campaign, the first by Singapore-based The Secret Little Agency, is called ‘Freshness Recognition (FR)’ and brings to life three FR innovations – Unbroken Cold Chain, Touch-Free Journey and Quality Verification – as well as the direct-to-consumer journey that customers will go through when they order groceries through RedMart.

The Unbroken Cold Chain ad shows how RedMart employs end-to-end temperature control to keep food at the right temperature throughout its entire journey, while the Touch-Free Journey ad shows how RedMart shuns traditional retail shelves to prevent unnecessary handling before the product reaches the customers. For the Quality Verification ad, it shows the process that RedMart takes to weed out the bad products to ensure they do not reach the customers.