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The Cayman Islands is an ideal tropical destination for many travelers, and a campaign for the country’s tourism board takes its underwater scenery and adds touches of magical realism.

‘Dream in Cayman’ is a campaign for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism campaign that augments the already brilliant waters of the island nation and bumps them up with unique aspects native to the islands and its heritage by adding giant flowers, rideable Blue Iguanas, iconic sea turtles in formation and dresses made of reef fish. The destination is renowned for its crystal waters that provide a backdrop for recreational scuba diving.

In dream-like short videos we see people swimming into the petals of native flowers, a woman sitting atop a huge Blue Iguana as rays leap from the water. In print visuals, a couple dances a tango in a stalagmite-filled cavern, a woman swims with turtles and another woman floats through a coral reef as fish swarm around her, creating a glittery dress.

The campaign was done in partnership with The Richards Group and includes print running across travel, trade, bridal, affluent and dive verticals, along with digital programs, plus spot and national TV.


Agency: The Richards Group

Client: Cayman Islands Department of Tourism