Wall Street Journal: Good things come to those who don’t wait by The & Partnership

Date: Oct 2017
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‘Good things come to those who don’t wait’ proclaims the Wall Street Journal, which features an impatient, ambitious businesswoman growing up in its latest spot.

The advert begins with her birth – too eager to enter the world, she appears in the back of a taxi outside the emergency room. As a child she’s quick to walk and explore, and shows an entrepreneurial spirit at the lemonade stand early on.

A copy of the Wall Street Journal is in her adult hand as she runs for a train in heels, which she ditches for flats and the publication’s app as she begins her own business as the film concludes. The line encourages us to ‘Read Ambitiously’, accompanied by the hashtag #DontWait.

The spot was directed by Ozark filmmaker Ellen Kuras and was devised by The & Partnership. It features the upbeat ‘You’re ready now’ by Frankie Valli.

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