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Biofreeze: Feel limitless by The Many

Agency: The Many
Client: Biofreeze
Date: Jun 2019
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Biofreeze takes viewers on a hard-hitting journey of personal achievements in its latest campaign 'Go Limitless' by agency The Many. The fully integrated campaign inspires everyday athletes to set goals, make progress and achieve their dreams. This work further establishes the brand’s vision and mission to go beyond being known solely as a pain relief company, but a catalyst for people to stay active and 'Feel No Limits.'

Featuring Nike Master trainer Traci Copeland, former SoulCycle instructor Charlee Atkins and hybrid athlete Ryan Klarenbach, the spot brings Biofreeze into the purview of today’s fitness culture. As each influencer begins to reach their wall, Biofreeze cools their pain and enables them to keep pushing forward.



Head of Global Consumer Engagement - Caitlin Schneider

Chief Marketing Officer - Michael McGoohan


Partner, Executive Creative Director - Blake Marquis

Partner, Executive Strategy Director - Christian Jacobsen

Art Director - Adam Valley

Copywriter - Nate Stroot

Junior Art Director - Kristi Hughes

Producer - Kimberly Vorse

Sr. Producer - Morgan Menco

Brand Director - Maggie Cadigan

Managing Director, Brand & Social - Todd Lombardo

Director of Project Management - Iman Forde

Project Manager - Madison Merhoff

Project Manager - Adam Hodges

Director of Social Strategy - Matthew Smith

Director of Social Strategy - Kristin “KB” Busk

Community Manager - Conner Needham

Sr. Designer - Zachary Williams

Designer - Elvis Sierra

Motion Graphics Designer - Maria Favela

Jr. Designer - John Duch

Designer - Isabella Sabino

Production Company - JOJX

Director - ESTEBAN